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Posted by Miles Fox On October - 2 - 2016

In the past, multigenerational living used to be a rule and not the exception.  This type of living arrangement is making a strong comeback especially in North America. The reason why so many people have resorted to building the so-called granny flat is that they provide family members with privacy and autonomy, not to mention that there are also financial implications. A garden suite is more about fostering a caring and supportive living environment.

What is a garden suite?

A garden suite is most commonly known under the name of granny flat. This is a type of dwelling that does not have a basement and is usually placed in the rear end side of the yard. It can contain a kitchen, a living area and one or two bedrooms. However, municipalities can impose restrictions regarding the distance from the permanent house or the appearance of the garden suite. Above all, they are intended for either individuals or couples that are over the age of 65, those that are looking for an independent way of life. The people who are living in the dwelling can also be disabled and the environment is the perfect place for caring and supporting these people. On the other hand, you can install children in the garden suite. No matter the resident, a garden suite promotes a viable option for families that are required to accommodate a loved one.

Source of income

The garden suite can provide you with the additional income you needed that you can use to pay the mortgage or add to your savings, not to mention that it has the potential to increase the rental value of the home. What many people neglect is the fact that making such a major addition entitles them to a home HST rebate. Substantially renovated homes are treated as new ones, meaning that you can get a refund. A garden house qualifies as a major addition because it is interdependent with the existing home. It is needless to say that this addition doubles the space since it contains a living area and storage room.

Affordable housing option  

The most important advantage of adding a garden suite is that you provide the residents with an affordable housing option. For relatives who require special care, it is a better alternative than going to a retirement home. Thus, you can cater to the needs of your grandfather while at the same time providing a sense of independence and privacy. Some municipalities even allow homeowners to rent the space.

The issue of ownership

In Canada, the suite is installed on the property of the owner. More precisely, municipalities require that the occupant of the suite to be one the owner of the property, while others will not allow you to rent the property. Since they are nothing else but temporary structures, garden suites can be easily installed on large and rural lots. Pay attention that you will need space to build and assemble the unit, meaning that if you have a small garden it won’t do.

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