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Posted by Miles Fox On March - 10 - 2016

When we’re planning to get into gardening, we are tempted to buy everything we can see in stores. However, we don’t have to spend unnecessary! We’ll present the basic tools that can come in handy when you’re going into gardening. Besides the most important, listed below, we have other auxiliary tools that are not really needed when we just get started with gardening, among these we can find pots and their connections, different plant holders, baskets, bags, seedbeds, labels, bags, mesh, gloves.

Before you go buy all the high-tech tools, hedge trimmer scissors or any other tool that you use just a few days a year, think that you could rather rent them then send money on buying them. If your father is passionate about gardening, you could borrow some of this tools.

Without a shovel, you can’t say that you are a gardener. This can be used for various purposes: digging, filling or preparing different mixtures. Out of all gardening tools, the shovel will probably help you out the most, so make sure you invest in a qualitative one.

Alignment thread, what gardening tool can be more basic and simple to use then a fixed rope between two wooden stakes. This serves to draw straight layers, is very useful on placing seeds in a row.

In order to stir the earth, to remove large stones, remove weeds, break the crust of earth the spade fork is used with great success.

A watering hose is particularly useful in gardening. To use it, you need access to a tap outside or inside the household. When buying a hose select one that allows you to reach even the furthest plants in your garden. Buy yourself a sprinkler hose adapter that will allow you to adjust the flow.

The gardener scissors are just like a large pair of scissors that serve in cutting and trimming. This is also one of the gardening tools that can help you a lot with garden décor and other beautifying aspects of gardening, and there are a lot of things that you will need to use it for. Here are some tips to remove the strains with a diameter of up to one inch. If the diameter is larger, use a gardener for two-handed scissors. The sharp blade regularly doesn’t harm plants; when, disinfected before and after each cut you also eliminate the risk of disease.

The use of a rake is leveling the soil and removing pebbles from the surface; with the non-serrated rake, seeds and later seedlings can be covered, the ground surface can easily be compacted to allow the seeds to sink into the ground better and be more firmly. The lawn rake is easier to use than the garden rake, mainly because it is used to collect dead leaves and other debris left on the ground. Lawn rakes are used to remove debris left behind after trimming. This practice is necessary to prevent this dead grass to asphyxiate the remaining plants.

Having a spade is useful to create holes or markings for various plants, or their obstruction or removing weeds and aerate the area. Make sure your tool is provided with an edge of iron that facilitates its use in penetrating the soil, which is done by pressing it with the foot.

The wheelbarrow serves to transport various things like soil, composites or death leafs; it is equally useful for making blends or moving heavier plants. There are many models of wheelbarrows, metal or plastic, with normal wheels or tires, you will choose in better response to your needs.

These are the basic tools that any gardener should have. So, start shopping right away. If you are a beginner take your father with you. This will help you save money on useless tools and it will also help you put together a list of cheap gifts for dad that he would like to have.

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