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Posted by Miles Fox On May - 9 - 2016

Having a garden, or even just a small backyard, is a great asset for a home, especially for a family, with kids and pets. Any garden, however, whether you wish to plant things or just keep the grass green for the children to play, requires a lot of work and maintenance, from having sods installed to cutting the grass or taking care of flowers or trees or plants. Most of this job is done in the spring and autumn, but that doesn’t mean that your garden does not require care and maintenance during the winter as well. Even more so, is you don’t want to wake up in the spring with a ruined garden and have to do everything all over again, then you need to properly take care of your garden when it’s cold. One of the most dangerous things for your garden during the winter is frost, but if you don’t have any plants and simply want not to have to redo the sods in the spring, you can counteract frost and ice with de-icing salt.

If you do use de-icing salt for your garden, then it is wise to conduct a thorough research on the type of products available on the market and the manufacturers of the salt, because otherwise, you might end up doing more damage than good. There are many types of de-icing salt on the market and taking the time to learn about the differences between them and between their actions can only be beneficial. Some of these products have harsh chemicals in them, which is why it’s best to look for natural, marine salt, such as the one provided by santadersalt.co.uk, as it will be the most beneficial type for your garden. Fortunately, we live in the Internet era, so gaining access to information is not a difficult task. A quick and simple search on the web will help you find plenty of resources on the subject, tips, and advice, as well as available providers and in-depth information about their products. The more time you spend researching now, the less time you’ll spend re-doing your garden when spring comes.


All things taken into account, a garden truly requires a lot of work and not just during spring and autumn, but also when winter comes. If you want to protect your garden from the damaging effects of frost and ice, de-icing salt is a good idea, but you just have to make sure you are using a natural product that won’t damage your ground. Although it may seem like an effort now, to start researching products and manufacturers, to take the time to analyze and compare your options, in the end, it will all be worth it, as you will be able to enjoy your garden every spring, without having to heavily invest in it every single year.

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