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Posted by Miles Fox On September - 30 - 2016

If you are in the Christmas mood, looking up some of the ways you could celebrate this holiday differently this year, you will certainly find tonnes and tonnes of articles on how to properly decorate your home or what to cook for the big day. Still, most homes have gardens. You need to properly put to use all the space you have, as this is the only way to actually celebrate Christmas. Here is how you can decorate your backyard and turn into a welcoming winter holiday space, one you and your family will love to look at.

Buy ribbons for Christmas

When you decide you want to take up the holiday decorating project, you might want to buy ribbons for Christmas. These little items have an incredibly powerful effect. They can be placed in the tree or around the kitchen, not to mention that they look absolutely stunning in the garden. Make a garland out of ribbons and hang it outside your door. This way, every time you come home or have guests over, the sprit of the winter holidays will be there for everyone to see. Also, you could place a few Christmas ribbons and bows in the garden trees, as well.

Light up your garden

Everyone knows that lighting up your home for the holidays is a must, but instead of doing this, you could try lighting up the garden this year. Plant a few lights in the trees and bushes and when the time comes, light them up. Try not to go overboard, as too many lights never look good. Also, if you are interested in this idea, then focus more on lights and less on other decorations.

Traditional Christmas garden decorations

When you will be out shopping for presents, surely you will stumble upon a few of the traditional Christmas garden decorations. For instance, Santa and his reindeer is something most people use to bring the holiday spirit in their yard. Also, Jack the Grinch, Frosty, the Ginger Bread Man, all are characters that could easily find a place in your garden. Now even though it may be hard to choose, try to face up to the challenge, because overcrowding your garden with all sorts of Christmas story characters is certainly not an option.

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