• Fun Outdoor Chores for the Children

    Today, children play outside about half as much as their parents did. Instead, they prefer playing highly entertaining computer games, watching television and, in some cases even do their homework. These fun outdoor chores for the children will get them out of the house in no time.

  • How to Start a Culinary Herb Garden

    Oregano, basil, coriander, sage, mint, marjoram, rosemary and many other herbs mainly known for the flavor they give to food, all you can grow in a few pots, window boxes or garden. Thus you will fully enjoy their benefits, whether you use them for seasoning food or therapeutic purposes in the form of infusions, poultices, etc…

Posted by Miles Fox On September - 25 - 2015

If you plan to design a garden close to your house, you should do a lot of research before starting to create it because the way you design it now will prove to not fit your future tastes. Therefore, you should see many styles of decorating your garden, and choose the one that impresses you the most. In addition, you should take into consideration that the way you design your garden should fit the style of your house and should complement it.

Do your research at garden festivals

Garden festivals are known as places where garden designers come and expose their view, on how a garden should look like, and what decorations they think people should include in their outdoor spaces. Many of them are designed to have a theme, and this helps you discover if they like a certain idea or not. If you do not have any idea on how your garden should look, you can go at one of these festivals and see if any of the themes proposed by the designers suits you. At a garden festival, you can see how different types of flowers look when they are planted next to each other, or what trees can be used next to certain types of flowers. In addition, you will be able to find out what flowers you like, because you might have never thought about this. At these events, you can figure out what type of garden furniture you can use to complement the look of your garden, and where you should place it. You can just copy one of the gardens you see there, in the front of your house.

Do your research online and read magazines

If you figured out what type of garden you want, but you forget to take any photos of the garden you liked at the festival, you should look online for tips on how you can create a certain style. Also, garden magazines will prove very helpful when you have to decide what types of plant you should purchase for your outdoor space, because you can inspire from them, on how you should plant your flowers, what species can cohabitate and what type of soil they should have. Some species can be ordered from magazines, but many of them can be purchased online or even at garden festivals. You can find what species are seasonal and what plants can be used to replace them. For example, you may love tulips, but they grow and have flowers in the spring, and after that, they are slowly disappearing, so you should plant next to them roses, or hydrangeas that are slowly growing in the spring, and start to bloom at the end of the spring. Magazines and online sites can prove to be very helpful if you have a fountain in your garden, because you will figure out what plants love water and which one of them will live longer and healthier close to it. Do not forget to visit a garden festival and read at least a magazine before starting to design your garden.

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