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Posted by Miley Evans On May - 27 - 2016

Winters are usually cold, with low temperatures and lots of snow, which can make you consider getting a snow blower to help you remove the snow that will fall in your yard and driveway. As any purchase, this one requires some documentation in order to choose the best item to meet your needs, therefore here are some tips about snow blowers’ features and which can be the best buy for you.

The snow blower represents a fast and efficient way to remove the snow from blocked roads, covered yards and driveways with low effort and in short time. The most efficient types of snow blowers are the ones that combine many features with a powerful engine and a wide auger to result in a snow blower that will remove snow fast and easy. When you want to purchase a snow blower, consider the height of the snow you want to remove, the size of the area you want to clean and the type of the terrain on which you will be using the device.

Opt for the best type for your needs

There are several types of snow blowers to choose from: single stage, two stage, and three stage machines. They can be electrical , corded electrical, which have a start button, or gas powered models. The single stage type is the smallest and easiest to use, but also the one that cleans the smallest surfaces and takes the longest to finish the job, therefore it is not a very efficient choice. Two-stage snow blowers are faster, more powerful and suitable for cleaning large areas by pushing itself through the big layer of snow and crushing it with the auger, then pushing it through the chute. The best residential snow blower is the three stage snow blower, which has an accelerator that moves faster than the auger and manages to remove the snow faster.

Select multiple feature types

When you look for the best type of snow blower, you must look for some features that make the devices more efficient and easier to use, such as:

  • speed controls to make the machine go forward or backward
  • an electric start which consists of an electrical cord you plug in order to start the engine and you can remove afterward
  • heated hand grips that come in handy on cold days
  • a headlight to improve visibility while you are working
  • power steering for superior maneuverability
  • large tires for traction and easy steering, or even tracks for a variety of terrain types
  • a jo stick control to adjust where to discharge the snow through the chute
  • drift cutters to cut through the snow drifts and push the snow to the auger.

When shopping for a snow blower, it is essential to keep your needs in mind. You may not need to invest in the best residential snow blower, especially in you have a medium sized yard and you live in an area with mild winters, as a small electric snow blower could probably handle all of your snow blowing needs. Moreover, keep in mind that the best snow blowers aren’t also the most expensive ones so read some reviews before deciding upon a particular model.

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