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Posted by Miley Evans On July - 18 - 2016

On every festivity like Easter or Christmas, people decorate their homes and garden with decorations that resemble the meaning of the festivity. Halloween can not be outdone, so people turn their homes into spooky lands filled with skeletons, witches, zombies and other scary characters that are commonly seen on Halloween. Scaring the kids who come asking for candies with a spooky costume is very easy nowadays since there are a lot of options available but you can take things to the next step and decorate your home starting with the garden and turn it into a land of terror and mystery.

A haunted garden

A garden full of ghosts will surely impress everyone and you can improvise to create a unique picture using some of your gowns. You will need a few lanterns, some clothes hanger and long dresses that you will hang in the tree in your garden. The light from the lanterns will give the dresses a scary feeling and they will look like floating women hanging from the tree.

“Grounded” kids

This is one funny idea of a garden decoration for Halloween and it is very easy to make. You will need a few pairs of pants and some socks to make them look like legs coming out from the ground. Stuff the pants with cotton or rags to make them stand stiff and place them on the front lawn with a wooden plank saying “I grounded the kids for Halloween”.

Fill the garden with carved pumpkins

Carved pumpkins are often used to decorate the gardens for Halloween because the pumpkin is the symbol of this festivity and people love to carve their pumpkins and make them look like angry, scary or funny faces. Place the pumpkins along the yard and put candles inside them so that when the dark comes, they will lighten the garden and the carved faces will be visible.

Use cardboard decorations

If you are not good at carving pumpkins, you can opt for cardboard images that look like pumpkins that you can spread along the garden. You can even make garlands of paper pumpkins and skeleton heads that you can put along the roof and the window sills.

A cemetery garden

Turn your garden into a cemetery for Halloween by creating tombstones out of cardboard and placing them along the garden. Write funny R.I.P. messages on them and make the décor even more frightening by using skeleton hands and legs that come out of the ground.

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