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When planning your landscape you should be very careful because you can lose your mind and spend a lot of money. Before you start working on your yard make a sketch of all the spaces that you may want to change, like: the yard, the driveway, paths and flower beds.

After you have done this split your project into phases because if you do so you will not do the all at once and you will save a lot of money. Take into consideration the possibility of consulting an architect who could take a look at your plan and tell you any flaws that it may have, this will be cheaper than asking them to draw up a plan from the beginning. Similarly, if budget is not an issue, and if you want to create something special and professional-looking, then you might want to consider hiring a building contractor has to offer. While not all construction firms deal with landscaping as well, depending on what you want to be done, and the scale of your projects, they will accept working for you. Installing a water pond, for example, requires specific knowledge, not to mention the extensive transformation your garden would have to undergo.

Nevertheless, if you really want to save money, there are a lot of ideas that can help you do your landscaping all by yourself. The lawn is the easiest landscaping solution. If you have a good soil, the seeds will sprout soon since grass is very law maintenance. In order for the lawn to look good, consider a good lawn mower.

For the less inexpensive pathways use cheaper methods such as concrete or gravel. Avoid small gravel, the size of a pea, and smooth stones and make sure you eliminate the weeds as soon as they come out.

Furnish your decks with furniture you can fins from yard sales and big box stores because they sit outside all year round so they do not need to be expensive. The best deals you can find are at the end of the summer. Add some tiki torches or candles for the evening and some garden style wall art.

Do the watering yourself by purchasing one or more of the available products from home improvement stores. You can buy pumps, fountains, and liners in different shapes and sizes and you can place them wherever you think they fit best.

During the summer sharpen the blades of your lawn mower every six weeks in order to avoid problems. Use the chopped grass along with some fertilizer to make the grass look greener. The best type of seed you can use is the fescue seed which does not need a lot of fertilizer and it is very resistant.

You should invest a big part of your money in flowers and trees which are from your local area because they are most likely to flourish. If you buy plants from other countries they may not resist to the climate where you live and it will be a waste of money.

Our advice is to plant perennials because they multiply over the years. Also, you should buy all your trees and flowers at the end of the summer when they are on sale and you can buy more but at a lower price.

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