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Posted by Miles Fox On August - 24 - 2016

There is not a single person that does not wish to make his house stand out during Christmas. People can hardly wait to get out their decorations and lights and compete with the rest of the neighbors. However, if you want to make them green with envy, you will have to do more than take care of the interior space. In order to draw the attention from the road to your doorstep, you have to start thinking creatively and buy Christmas ribbons. This holiday season, you can try a combination of lights, ribbon and garland to get the yard ready for Christmas as well.

Traditional Christmas lights

If you are looking forward to making your front yard shine from the distance, then you have to buy your lights beginning with November. Although you can find lights in almost any department store, you also have the possibility to purchase from online retailers that compete with each other for bringing you the cheapest products. After evaluating the electrical outlets and the front yard, you can pick the lights you will use and the colours. A tree in the yard will be an advantage since you can make a spiral pattern. If your goal is to have the best lights on the street, then you need to think outside the box. More precisely, you can create balls of light by wrapping the lights around a chicken wire ball. The result is instant success.

Get supplied with ribbons  

Ribbons are versatile pieces of material, meaning that you can do practically anything with them. One good idea is to dress up the bare branches of the outdoor tree with both Christmas lights and ribbons to reflect the glow casted by the coloured bulbs. However, do not forget the jingle bells. Not only is this holiday decoration easy to make, but they provide that special holiday touch. All you need is some fresh greenery, stripped ribbon and some bells. Another option is to apply a red bow on a sled display to tie the look together or to finish the look of the wreath. There is no limit to what you can do and this means that you can consider taking the tree outside and embellishing it with bright lights and flowing cascades of sashes.

How about topiary animals?

The trees would not be complete without lighted animals that depict the warmth of nature. What you should do is to make a group of lighted reindeers and position them so as to recreate Santa’s team that pulls the sled. Retailers make available topiary animals in incandescent or LED light colours, not to mention that they have different heights. Should you want your yard to be warm and inviting, you have to have lighted reindeer.

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