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Posted by Miles Fox On March - 1 - 2016

After some long days of work we all need some time to relax and just sit back and enjoy. Sort out your own thoughts after all the pressure and responsibilities at work. Work is important, indeed but more important is to have a place to rest. You can go to a restaurant or anywhere else, but sooner or later you’ll get bored. There’s nothing better than to spend a day of relaxation and catch some Zzz’s in your garden. If you want to know how to create your own napping area in your garden, read our guide.

Color choices are important

Choose relaxing colors, such as light earth tones, pastels or light shades of green. You can “spice up” garden spaces with some bold color choices, such as red, but don’t go overboard. Moreover, pay attention to color balance in certain areas of the garden. Little pops of color here and there are welcome, but be careful to not try many combinations. A colorful mosaic that is in harmony with a particular area of the garden, is very soothing to the eye, especially if that area is bland.

Separation methods

If you want to have your own relaxation or napping spot, you must know that a garden can not exist without fences. In general, fences are built in harmony with the way the house was built and the way the garden was designed. A rustic old wooden fence that divides certain areas of your garden is aesthetically pleasing and can be easily integrated with other furniture items, such as a wooden bench or a garden swing. Don’t forget to place some shrubs and trees near the fence if you want to have birds or butterflies hanging around.

Furniture and decorative elements

Wrought iron is back in fashion and can integrate successfully in both houses and in gardens. And we must admit that it’s beautiful. A traditional, romantic and colorful garden should not be deprived of this type of furniture. By contrast, the wooden furniture is simple and practical. But it also has a decorative purpose. Equally important is the choice of furniture in a style compatible with the rest of the design. If your garden is more formal and decorated in minimalist style, you’ll want to accessorize with a hammock or a comfy swing chair. So if you have a rustic garden, pick a bed or a lounge chair with vintage retro influences. However, make sure to place as many decorative pillows as possible and a comfortable mattress if you want to take a nap. We recommend opting for a latex mattress. Latex mattresses are listed in the top positions one the mattress ratings 2015 websites, as they feature only the advantages of memory foam mattresses and none of the disadvantages. They are made from natural or synthetic rubber and are known to provide comfort and firm support.

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