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Posted by Miles Fox On May - 14 - 2016

The trend nowadays is to own a simple modern garden, that fits well into your busy schedule, not taking too much time to take care of.

A modern garden can be easily created, and they do not even have to be time consuming or requiring too much money to achieve them. Just take a look at the contemporary trends and do your best to include them in your garden, you will thus obtain a modern garden. Tricks like changing the place of the plants or a using a color scheme can result in interesting visual effects. We offer you hereinafter some ideas used for obtaining a contemporary garden.

When creating modern gardens, the emphasis falls on hardscape: stone, concrete, wood, adding some daring architectural plants. Moreover, do not hesitate to include sculptures, water elements and containers in your modern garden, while the number of plants decreases in order to add drama, by highlighting them using the elements mentioned above. There are higher chances of observing the features of a plant if it is not in a competition for attention with other plants.

Since in a modern garden less is often more, a few dwarf trees of different types and shrubs fit very well to containers. They can be the center point in your modern garden. Most trees in these types of gardens tend to stand tall, therefore becoming an element that adds to the structure of the garden. The canopies of the trees are not very big, and you can place them in a row if you want to obtain a hedge effect. You can plant them in an alleyway to draw the attention on a crucial piece. A Japanese Maple has a beautiful form thus standing out as an example tree. They are known for their characteristic leaf shape and vibrant foliage that changes its color into red, orange, burgundy, and even into a reddish-purple. You should try planting an Oshio-Beni or Emperor.

Another feature of a modern garden is represented by containers, which are a basic element if you want to create this type of garden. They often have only one plant (such as a trimmed boxwood or topiary) or for a plant that grows vertically (for example, Phormium or Agave) and is used to create a little drama effect.

Pathways should not be neglected either. Concrete stepping stones of different shapes or sizes (round, rectangular, square, small or big) can be used to create a modern design for your garden.

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