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Posted by Miles Fox On August - 2 - 2016

Every woman has in mind her dream wedding, and the majority of them get their inspiration from tales. When you want to plan your wedding as the one inspired by fairy tales, you have to find the perfect landscape where to install a marquee, because you have to be surrounded by nature. In case you are living in a house, and you have a big back yard, you should not hurry up to rent a garden where to install the marquee because you have the possibility to create the garden in the back of your house. And what is great is that you have the possibility to create it exactly how you imagined it.

How should I choose the perfect marquee?

The first thing you have to consider when choosing a marquee is the size, because you have to be sure that you do not choose one which is too small, and you guests are not feeling comfortable but you should also avoid installing one which is too big, because the key to a great wedding is to feel intimate with the others, and if the guests are spread around, you will not be able to connect with them. You should choose one big enough to install a dance floor and the tables for your guests. The other aspect you have to consider is the style because you have to be sure that the marquee is sharing the features of the theme of your wedding. When stepping in, it should look as part of the story. The other aspect you should consider is the look of the marquee because some of the companies decorate the marquees according to your requirements. In case you want to handle these aspects by yourself, then you should look for ideas online.

What flowers should I plant?

Before deciding upon the flowers, you should plant in your back yard to transform it into a garden, you should think about the time of the year when you will have the wedding. This is important, because some of the flowers even if they are planted early, they do not bloom in certain periods of the year, and you will have only green surroundings around your marquee. Therefore, the first flowers you should plant are the seasonal ones. The next category should include roses, because they are the type of plants that have beautiful flowers all around the year, and they spread an amazing scent in the night. You can place them around the garden in such a way to have some of them even inside the marquee. So you will not have to invest a large amount of money in flower arrangements. In case you want to get married under an arch, you can create it with the help of your planted roses, because they grow very tall in just a few months and you can shape them according to your needs. Do not forget to choose the flowers according to your color scheme.

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