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Posted by Miles Fox On September - 6 - 2016

Every year you have to decide upon the type of flowers you plant in your garden, because some of them are seasonal, and you have to buy new seeds every autumn and spring. But, whatever types of flowers you might choose, and whatever the design might be, you are still not contempt with the way it looks, and you would want something more stylish and unique. Do not think that you will have to throw the cans there and wait for a miracle to happen, you will have to spend some weekends in deciding upon the articles you want to use, and to actually craft them. However, this would be a pleasant activity, all your family members could take part to. Here are some ideas that would help you recycle the scrap metal you have around the house, and transform your garden into a magical spot.

Decorate your fence

In case you have opted for a more natural look for your garden, and you have chosen to install a wooden fence around your garden, you should consider decorating it with scrap metal. You can surprise your partner by creating a heart from different metal objects and hang it on the fence. For example, you can use an old bike chain to create the form of the heart and fill it with different antique keys.

Make the trees pop up

The trees are extremely beautiful in the spring and summer, because they colour the garden with their green leaves, and flowers and fruits, and you can highlight their beauty by decorating them with a dream catcher made from scrap metal and ropes. You can design the web from rope and hang from it keys you are not using anymore, or even teaspoons. When it comes to spoons, you have plenty of options to use them, because you can craft even dragonflies with their help. You would need four spoons for every dragonfly, to create them beautiful wings.

Unique garden globes

In modern times, people are using geometric figures when it comes to designing garden. The flowers could be planted according to their colours and size in different geometric colours or you can craft some globes from scrap metal. For example, you can use thick wire to create some big globes that could be filled with large stones. It is advisable to use white stones because they would create a beautiful contrast with the other colours from your garden. Also, you can use the globes for planting flowers inside, in this way you can design your garden on multiple levels.

Garden animals

Scrap garden animals are a beautiful way of bringing your space to life because depending on the type of metal you are using they would look nice and coloured. You can design some owls for hanging them in the trees, and even a peacock metal sculpture. If you do not have enough metal to craft a majestic peacock, you can make some other birds which do not require so much crafting skills.

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