• Fun Outdoor Chores for the Children

    Today, children play outside about half as much as their parents did. Instead, they prefer playing highly entertaining computer games, watching television and, in some cases even do their homework. These fun outdoor chores for the children will get them out of the house in no time.

  • How to Start a Culinary Herb Garden

    Oregano, basil, coriander, sage, mint, marjoram, rosemary and many other herbs mainly known for the flavor they give to food, all you can grow in a few pots, window boxes or garden. Thus you will fully enjoy their benefits, whether you use them for seasoning food or therapeutic purposes in the form of infusions, poultices, etc…

Posted by Miles Fox On January - 17 - 2016

Stucco has always been a popular home siding choice among home owners for very good reasons. Besides the fact that this material is quire inexpensive and has a very high durability, it also looks good, which is also the reason why it is used for garden walls to increase the beauty of the garden. It is needless to mention that its water and wind resistance are probably the top two reasons why people have chosen stucco as siding material for garden walls all over the world. Stucco has been used as finishing material since ancient times with preponderance by Greeks and Romans. The high durability and ease of application has made this siding quite popular during those times. Garden walls were also painted with murals for which stucco is the perfect canvas and this practice has not subsided at all, people all over the world making use of this method to create outstanding gardens with breathtaking designs.

It is important to note that stucco is not a construction material; it is a finish that can be successfully used for home and garden walls siding. While modern gardens are open to view, in the past walls were parts of the design together with charming fountains and statues. We inherited the passion for garden walls from the Persian culture, one of the oldest on Earth; so many people are still using the old design to give beauty to their gardens. Sometimes, the small space surrounding the house does not allow you to have a large garden with alleys and trees, but you can use the walls closing your property as part of the design to create a unique view and experience when stepping outside the house. In this case, stucco finishes are the best, because of the unique properties of this material. Water and wind resistance, not to mention high lifespan are a great reason to choose stucco as your siding, but its affordability also plays an important role. If you have little space for a grandiose gardening project, you can use inanimate objects to create a beautiful and relaxing view. Constructing a wall to complete the design of your garden is easy and cheap. The stucco finish will give it durability and resistance to humidity, while the color choice remains at your discretion.


You can also maneuver stucco to create interesting patterns on your wall to match the style of your garden. If you need a finish to repair and remodel an old garden with walls, stucco is the perfect choice in this case too. Ottawa stucco contractors recommend this material for repair projects, as it is easy to apply and quick to dry. Applying a neat finish is easy with stucco, so you can bring new life to your old garden by repairing your old walls and making them the focus of your design. There are plenty of examples online of ingenious gardens with stucco walls that can overwhelm the audience with sheer beauty.


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