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Posted by Miles Fox On January - 19 - 2016

Have you ever looked for inspiration to change something into your home? No matter how much you love it, there comes a time when you feel the need to make a change, but you just don’t know where to begin. Sometimes, you do not have to make a large investment in order to decorate your home properly and you don’t even need to change too many things, you just have to add the right touch. When you are tired of looking on the inside and not finding any inspiration, step out into your garden and you will surely come up with a few ideas.

The perfect inspiration for a wall art

Autumn is the perfect season to snap a few pictures of your garden. Take out your camera, wait for the perfect light and take some pictures. Those pictures will look wonderful in your living room. Your home will certainly look different and this will not entail a major investment or a lot of work. In fact, the entire process will be very fun and you will be able to enjoy your time spent in the garden as well as the time you spend creating the perfect collage for your wall. It will be your own personal project that will bring you a lot of pride when it is completed.


Decorate your home in the colors of your garden

If you feel that your home needs more color, you will find all the inspiration you need in your back garden. Buy some red cushions, a green flower vase and a colorful canvas print and everything will look completely different. The great thing is that you will not have to make some drastic changes into your home. If you get tired of these colors, you can easily replace the cushions with something else, so there is always room for change.


Garden inspired rugs

One of the easiest ways to change the aspect of a room is to change the rugs. With so many designs available on the market these days, you will always find something to your taste. If you love the feel of fresh grass between your toes, try buying a fluffy carpet that will recreate the feeling of walking barefoot in the garden. Be sure to vacuum it often though, to maintain its look and enjoy it for a longer time.


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