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Posted by Miles Fox On July - 27 - 2016

Having a pool is definitely a great reason for excitement, but keep in mind that the entire project will not be an easy one. Of course that once you have everything ready, the spot will become the most popular of the house, with friends and family coming over on summer weekends. However, you should remember that proper preparations and installation require some time and effort from you, so be ready for this. We have talked to experts and we came up with these three milestones that can streamline the process a lot:

Hiring a contractor

Installing a pool is not something easy to do, and you not perform all the necessary operations by yourself. For this reason, if you decide that you want to have a pool in your yard, you need to start looking for a reliable contractor as soon as possible. There are many swimming pools so you need to focus on choosing the most suitable one. Make a list of your preferences and then start making phone calls. Talk to someone about your preferences and budget and see if they are willing to accept your project. Once you have a short list, start checking for referrals and previous experience. You can even ask to see some of their constructions and talk to some clients, to see if their experience has been a positive one. Only after this can you select the right contractor to deal with your pool installation project.

Choosing the material

While you may think that all pools are the same, you need to know that what matters the most is the material they are made of. There are three main types of constructions, each having its advantages and disadvantages: fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl pools. If you want a classic design and shape, then the first option is the perfect one for you. Fiberglass pools come in a predefined form, and there is nothing you can do about. However, in case you have in mind a complicated design with many details and a unique shape, then you should choose concrete. A team of skilled technicians can create and implement absolutely any idea you might have because concrete constructions are way more permissive as far as style is concerned. In addition to this, the material is more durable and easier to maintain and clean.


Since the pool will become part of the area surrounding your house, you have to find a solution to integrate it to the landscape. Needless to say, it can easily be the central element of your landscaping project, due to its dimensions and also to the many possibilities it offers you, in terms of styling and design. You can opt for a minimalist effect: a neatly shaped pool (square or rectangular) with simple outdoor furniture and accessories will be just fine. If you want to transform the garden into a natural oasis, you can choose an original design: rocks, waterfalls, wooden furniture and a lot of plants that imitate the jungle effect.

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