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Posted by Miles Fox On August - 15 - 2016

If you plan to organise the baby shower party for one of your friends, then you should consider having it in a garden, because there is no more perfect place for this type of event. You will not have to worry anymore about flower arrangements, how to place the furniture, and scented candles, because the garden will offer you all. You will have to arrange the tables and chairs according to the way the flowers are planted, and everyone will be delighted to party in a place where the flowers share an amazing scent.

Decide upon the theme

When you organise any type of party, you should have a theme from which to start, because this will help you handle easier the aspects of such an event. When having a theme, you have a colour scheme according to which you purchase decorations, buy organza bags, and order cookies. Also, it is important to have the theme before sending the invitations, because they have to offer the guests a hint on how the party will be, and what they should wear.

Talk with the mother to be

When organising a baby shower party, you should not handle all the aspects by your own, because you have to keep in mind that you are not doing it for yourself. Therefore, you should talk with the mother to see if she has any preferences regarding the theme, colours and type of favours. You might be surprised to know that some of the mothers order things like favour bags long before starting to organise the party, and you should definitely use them.

Favours are important

Favours are the most important aspect you have to consider, because they are the thing that will remember everyone the purpose of the party, and they will keep them as a memory. Therefore, in case the mother does not have any preferences, you should take a look online and see what options you have. For example, you can offer as gifts white chocolate candies in pink organza bags if the mother is expecting a girl, and black chocolate candies in blue organza bags if there is a baby boy on the way. The fact is that whatever type of favours you are going to choose, all of them should be placed in organza bags, because they are perfect for being used a favour gifts, and you can tie on them a card with a quote for the guests.

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