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Posted by Miles Fox On August - 19 - 2016

Gone are the days when people used to trim hedges with the help of handed clippers. Now, people have the opportunity of using advanced garden trimmers that make the job a lot easier. You will be able to keep your garden looking beautiful and the great thing is that you will not perceive garden trimming as a chore anymore. On the contrary, you will take pleasure in freeing up space in your garden and keeping the hedges neat and tidy. Yet, there are countless trimmers available, so it will not be easy finding the perfect hedge trimmer for your garden. In this article we will discuss what you should take into account when shopping for a hedge trimmer.

Look at the hedge trimmers available  

The first consideration that you will need to make is the type of energy that the trimmer uses. There are two main types or hedge trimmers available: corded, cordless and gasoline – powered.

Electric corded hedge trimmers: They are both lightweight and inexpensive, reason why they are a fine choice. They account for most sales and in addition to being extremely quiet, they require little maintenance from your behalf. The only possible downside is that you will have to use an electrical outlet, which can be problematic if your home does not have an outdoor electrical outlet. However, if your garden prolongs less than one hundred yards from the nearest power outlet, you can use an electric corded hedge trimmer.

Cordless electrics: They do not run on gas and the good news is that they use very little electric power. Corded electric trimmers combine the portability of gas models with the convenience of on-board batteries. You can find special models which have additional energy-saving features. The cordless trimmer is especially useful if you have an outdoor garden that involves peculiar obstacles.

Gasoline-powered hedge trimmers: These devices are not only more powerful, but they cut shrubs fast. While the trimmer weighs more than the electric one, it is so powerful that it can handle large properties which normally require a lot of maintenance work. Your will not need a chainsaw or a pruning saw. Since the hedge trimmer is so proficient, it is also expensive.

Consider how long you will use the trimmer

If you are the type of perfectionist that loves to trim the hedges weekly or even more often, you will need a device that is built to endure the test of time. In this case, you should set your money aside and buy a gasoline-powered hedge trimmer. If you do not plan to cut the hedges that often you should invest in a cordless model. What it is important to keep in mind is that all models are designed for occasional use, so unless you are going to do serious gardening work you are better off without one.

How much you should spend

The cheapest hedge trimmer you can buy is the corded electric model for which you should expect to be paying around £50. The most expensive model is priced somewhere around £ 150. The good news is that you can find a cordless hedge trimmer that will not make you break the bank, but you should think about the price of replacement batteries. Some devices are priced without them.



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